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Pop Culture Icons Get Re-Imagined as Cartoon Characters by Illustrator Zhi-Yun Zhang




Dogs man … just, dogs


You all need to have this on your dash :D

*-* I love dogs

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I was going to caption this “Now, look at the gifs again and pretend that one of them is a woman”, but after a second thought I figured someone would be offended or something similar so I decided against it. I don’t really need to prove anything since it’s kind of obvious already, just take a look for yourself and I dare you to convince me that these two boys aren’t madly in love with each other. It’s just that I don’t think either of them realizes that what they feel is love, but hopefully they’ll figure it out eventually.

The only point I’m trying to make, is that this is not the way someone behaves with or looks at their brother (in bond or in blood).

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look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

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Dog Fails (Part 1) [x]

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Finding a new friend


Slowly developing a crush on them


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me trying to make friends

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your characters are like geodes


if you want to see what they’re really made of


you must break them

this is so good i dont even know how to describe it just GUYS

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How To Moonwalk In 5 Easy Steps
Because its never too late to learn!
More> Co.Design


How To Moonwalk In 5 Easy Steps

Because its never too late to learn!

More> Co.Design

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No one is always gorgeous. No one is always sexy. But love is a DECISION. Waiting to see whether someone is good enough is childish, and it is BOUND to make the other person feel on some level as though they’re auditioning for the part. In that space, we feel nervous, and when we’re nervous, we’re not at our best. The ego is looking for someone attractive enough to support. The mature and miracle-minded among us support people in BEING attractive. Part of working on ourselves, in order to be ready for a profound relationship, is learning how to SUPPORT another person in being the best that they can be. Partners are meant to have a priestly role in each other’s lives. They are meant to help each other access the highest parts within themselves.
I’ve been with men who never seemed to think I was good enough. I’ve also been with men who were smart enough to say, “You look beautiful tonight” often enough for it to bolster my self-esteem and help me show up for life in a more beautiful way. None of us are really objectively attractive or unattractive. There is no such thing. There are people who MANIFEST the potential for sparkle that we all share, and those who don’t. Those who do are usually people who some where along the line, either from parents or lovers, were told verbally or nonverbally, “You’re wonderful and beautiful.” Love is to people what water is to plants.

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if myungsoo was your tutor… ⊙ω⊙
if myungsoo was your tutor… ⊙ω⊙

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Hippo doesn’t have time for this


Hippo doesn’t have time for this

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